THE FIVE CHARMING LAKES OF MOUNT FUJI - มนต์เสน่ห์ 5 ทะเลสาบฟูจิ (SUB ENG.)

28.03.2561 | 479 views

The five blue lakes originated from an eruption of Mount Fuji in the past. Now it became a famous tourist spot in Yamanashi Prefecture, a central region of Japan. The center of attraction is Lake Kawaguchiko, where the route of all public transports from Tokyo and the nearby cities end their route. Each has its own uniqueness. For example, a group of white swans can be found only in Lake Yamanagano, the water activities and hiking can be done at Lake Shojiko, a peaceful and scenic view of nature can be seen at Lake Saiko and a view of Mountain Fuji, which is printed on a 1,000 Yen banknote, can be found at Motosuko.